Monday Funday: Winners of All-Star Weekend

Mondays Suck, Chicago is still trying to figure out which weather personality it wants this winter…
It’s time for Monday Funday!!

Was Houston’s All-Star Weekend great?  Of course not.  All-Star weekends never are, and being a NBA die-hard it is a difficult thing to get excited about to begin with.  But if you look at it like the way we will all be watching the next two Hobbit films (accepting them for what they are and not expecting anything spectacular out of them) All-Star weekend can be quite enjoyable.  It has some dull over extended moments, but some fun ones along the way, which is what I will be presenting.  So this is my cynical-free recap of  my favorite moments of All-Star weekend.

Celebrity All-Star Game: Ryen Russillo

For anyone unfamiliar with Russillo, he is the co-host of the only good radio program on ESPN, The SVP and Russillo Show and the former host of the ESPN NBA Today Podcast,which has been left for dead after his leaving.  Russillo won on two accounts this weekend.  The first being that he got 1/2 point above the 6.5 over under line set for him and shut up Stephen A. Smith by not embarrassing himself.  His second victory was after the game when the MVP trophy was handed to Kevin Hart.  The greatest thing about Russillo, along with his terrific basketball knowledge and deadpan sense of humor, is his incapability to fake it.  He has even said openly on the show that he is not a fan of how much Hart hams it up during these NBA events.  His facial expression when he is doing exactly that accepting his trophy is priceless.  Russillo can be seen on the far left.

Shooting Stars Competition:  Chris Bosh Face

This one is simple.  The shooting stars challenge is essentially what ever 5th grader does when shooting in their driveway.  Shot a few shots around the key, then some three pointers and then it will finally come  to a point of boredom where you try to make a half-court shot.  Now whoever makes this doesn’t when they are the most athletic or best basketball player, it’s who can get lucky the fastest.  So the challenge doesn’t bring too much excitement, but when you have a face making master* just watch him the whole time and the event will be over before you know it.

*if you are EVER bored or sad or anything just google bosh face on google and everything will be better


Skills Challenge: Steph Curry’s Laughter

Definitely the worst competition of the weekend.  Nobody cares and that includes the people participating.  If you think Tony Parker is disappointed he couldn’t make a jump shot, think again, because losing it for him means he doesn’t have to participate again.  Maybe a little different for Jeff Teague missing a wide-open layup.  Which is humiliating, but I can’t give him the winner because of my self titled “cynic-free” winners, so I’m going to give it to Steph Curry laughing, maybe one of the few people in the crowd who found joy in the event.

3-Point Contest:  The viewers

In my opinion this was the best part of the weekend.  Ever single competitor was terrific and could have easily won any other year, besides Paul George who by no means embarrassed himself.  And the final matchup pairing of Irving against Boner couldn’t have been any better.  You got the old, athletic white-guy who is one the final lap of the year, who got in because of the twitter campaign #LetBonerShot.  Who was going against the up and comer who has been hitting game winning shots all year and could very well be the face of the franchise sometime down the road.  Boner tried is best, but couldn’t beat and incredible score of 22 posted by Irving.

Slam Dunk Contest: Terrance Ross

For better or for worse this is the event that hinges on whether people view this weekend successful or not.  But as I stated in the intro, the slam dunk contest is quite entertaining, if you aren’t expecting perfection.  Sure Gerald Green and James “Flight” White may have been a little overambitious with their second dunks, but overall I thought it was quite good.  Bledsoe and Farried had some good first round dunks.  TNT cut Kenny Smith running around doing being the pointless hype man.  And Charles Barkley had the call of the night with Reggie Miller, Reggie: “Oh Man! He’s got two balls! What’s he going to do?!!!” Charles: “Probably dunk both balls”.  I’ll give the winner to Ross who had got some national attention and had my favorite dunk.

All-Star Game: Chris Paul… I guess

I was tempted to once again go with Chris Bosh who had a great photobomb during Paul’s MVP (see below).  But Chris Paul won the MVP, deservingly so.  Now it will be on his resume when Bill Simmons does his 4th edition to his book.  THe game wasn’t bad it had highlights, but didn’t have any standout moments.


ahh screw it.  I’m giving it to Bosh.

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